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Our Shop

Our Club

The North Coast Community Woodshop (NCCW) club was formed in 2013.  It is a member-based, nonprofit club devoted to the education, preservation and participation in the craft of woodworking. 

 As stated in our By-Laws, “NCCW is to established to promote the craft of woodworking in our community through classes, demonstrations and workshops; to establish and maintain a woodworking shop for use by members and participants in classes; to educate the community in the safe use of tools, the proper techniques of woodworking and maintaining woodworking equipment; to perform charity works in woodworking for the community through its woodworking projects and other service projects that benefit the community; and to maintain the long tradition of woodworking in the community.”

NCCW is governed by a Board of Directors and elected officers on behalf of its members.

Our Shop

In the Fall of 2013, NCCW obtained a lease for our current woodshop and began the process of equipping it and setting it up for the use of our members.   It is a well-equipped shop that that would enable you to tackle almost any woodworking project, get advice from others, attend training classes, share knowledge and participate in community projects.  Our members have 24/7 access to the woodshop via our digital entrance security system.  As our budget allows, we periodically add to, or upgrade, equipment based on the needs of our members. 

Our equipment is managed by the board and monitored for performance and maintenance to keep it in good working order.  It includes floor machines, hand tools, woodworking jigs, numerous work tables and centralized dust collection. You can see some examples of our woodworking equipment available at the shop below.

Our Members

Our members encompass individuals from the novice to skilled craftsmen who are eager and willing to share their knowledge and experience with others.  We have reached over 60 members in 2021 which supports a strong financial position without overcrowding the shop on most days.  We have examples of projects completed by our members for your viewing.  Thanks to them for sharing.

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